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COMPANY INTRODUCTION Certification & Approval

As a quality-conscious company geared towards serving customers, we are prepared to provide the best service and the best products consistent with international standards. We pursue Quality is commercial integrity, positively carries out quality systems like approved ISO9001, CQC, TS16949 etc.

Our products are UL approved and meet the IPC-A-600H standards. Our on-going involvement of 'In-Process Quality Control' (IPQC) guarantees every board that reaches our customers is 100% tested and inspected.

In order to maintain internationally accredited standards of quality, we utilizes advanced software to perform extensive DFM analysis on incoming data, and uses advanced quality control systems throughout the manufacturing process.Also control key processes to eliminate all potential issues before manufacturing begins.

We performs 100% AOI inspection as well as performing electrical testing, High Voltage testing, impedance control testing,micro-sectioning, thermal shock testing, solder testing, reliability testing, insulating resistance testing and FQC ionic cleanliness testing.

Additionally, our Project Management Team is available at all times to monitor the entire production process for guaranteed best results. In addition, our manufacturing processes are approved by major OEM manufactures in the automotive industries and other international corporations.

Quality Goals:

▶100% test and 100% double inspection are necessary. 

▶Outgoing qualified productivity rate meets: Double side:≥98%, Multilayer: ≥96%

▶On time delivery: ≥98% 

▶Customer claim ratio:<3%

▶Claim Satisfaction :100%

▶Engineering manufacturing first pass ratio:100%

▶CPK(Statistical Process Control):  >1.67 

Below you can find our certifications and quality certificate.

Certification & Approval

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