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As a China printed circuit board manufacturer, Lead circuit has been manufacturing PCBs for more than 15 years.In 2003, Lead Circuit was founded in Shenzhen, with our high quality and excellent service, the customers has been increasing. In 2016 we expanded our plant in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, which investment 20million USD/ 130million RMB, Ganzhou Lead Circuit plant covers an area of 46 thousand / square meters, with the most of advanced automation equipments.In 2018 March, Ganzhou plant started to produce printed circuit board for mass quantity.Based on our rich experience and technology understanding, with own production capability and centralized resource locally, we can provide 1-24layers Rigid PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Flex PCB, Aluminum PCB, HDI and other high difficult boards, offer with competitive terms, quality and delivery assurance that customized all your request.Our products are used in various industries including Military, LED lighting, communications, industri...
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